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Jinduicheng Molybdenum Industry Group Co., Ltd.

BaoTi Group Ltd

Shaanxi Tongchuan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Hanzhong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Lead Copper & Mining Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Fengxian County Sifang Gold Mine Company

Shaanxi Mount. Hua Semiconductor Material Company

Shaanxi Yinmusi Mining Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Jianchaling Mining Development Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Nonferrous Mine Company

Shaanxi Silver Mine

Shaanxi Tianhong Silicon Material Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Jianchaling Nickel Industry Company

Hanzhong Tianhongji Mining Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Huashan Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Northwest Mining and Geological Exploration Bureau for Nonferrous Metal

Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation & Design Research Institute

Xi¡¯an Nonferrous Metallurgy Design & Research Institute

Xi¡¯an Sub Company of China Nonferrous Metal Industry